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We   opened   our   very   first   retail   shop   in   the   popular   historical   town   of   Royal   Leamington   Spa,   Warwickshire back in 2001. Over   15   years,   we   worked   our   way   up   town   from   Clemens   Street   to   Regents   Street   to   the   prominent Parade   position   we   currently   hold   opposite   the   grand   Regent   Hotel,   Town   Hall   and   popular   Livery   Street, just up the road from the Royal Pump Rooms and beautiful Jephson Gardens. The   Grade   2   listed   building   that   is   home   to   our   shop   was   built   c1810-1818   and   has   been   everything   in   the past,   from   a   fishmonger   to   a   lingerie   store.   Notably,   Dr   Henry   Jephson   who   became   a   prominent   national figure   being   the   first   to   commercially   treat   people   with   Leamington’s   famed   spa   mineral   waters,   resided and held his practise within our building between 1825-1827. As a multidimensional funky hippy gift shop, our departments include but are not limited to: tobacco   rolling,   smoking   and   vaping   supplies,   e   pens,   sub   ohm   units,   mods   and   e   liquids,   body   piercings   and jewellery,   fancy   dress,   home   and   garden   wares,   crystals,   spiritual,   new   age   and   occult,   incense   sticks   and cones,   fragrance   and   essential   oils,   burners   and   candles,   clothing   and   accessories,   hair   dyes,   beauty products,   novelty   and   joke   shop,   games   and   puzzles,   adult   interests,   UV,   rave,   festival   and   Christmas   goods, collectables and other official merchandise. .                              We   supply   the   folk   of   Leamington   with   Fairtrade   ethnic   goods   carefully   selected   from   reputable   companies all over the world including India, Tibet, Nepal, Africa, Indonesia, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam & beyond. Our   fancy   dress   department   supplies   costumes,   accessories   and   props   for   the   students   of   Warwick   University, Warwickshire   College   and   many   local   schools.   We   offer   a   wide   range   of   options   for   your   party   or   social, Book   Week,   Masquerade,   St   Patrick's   Day,   Valentines,   Burns   Day,   Halloween,      New   Year’s   Eve   and   all   other celebrations   and   occasions,   stocking   baby,   children,   teen,   adult   and   plus   sizes.   Unlike   many   costume   stores we also have changing rooms so you can try before you buy. Leamington   is   lucky   to   be   home   to   many   superb   independent   stores   and   as   a   family   business   we   are   so very   thankful   for   the   support   and   great   feedback   we’ve   received   over   the   years.      We   warmly   welcome   all of   our   wonderful   customers,      locals   or   tourists   visiting   and   love   that   we’ve   grown   up   alongside   our regulars,   discovering   new   diverse   delights   with   and   for   you.   We   are   grateful   for   the   insightful   inspiring conversations   we   get   to   have   with   our   customers   daily   and   the   friendships   that   we   have   made   over   the years. We   hope   to   continue   providing   you   with   the   best   products,   low   prices   and   excellent   customer   services   we pride ourselves on for many years to come.

All the best and enjoy your visit!

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